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Εκπαιδευτικό κέντρο SPEAK Ξένες Γλώσσες

Murphy Y.J.


Murphy comes from FuZhou, the south-eastern part of China, which is quite near to the shopping heaven Hong-Kong.

Fortunately, Murphy was raised in a faithful Christian family, which is extremely rare in China. She is proud of being a Christian, she loves her heavenly father Jesus Christ so deeply that studying bible with her husband everyday is her most joyful moment.

Murphy graduated from FuJian Teachers' University in 2005. Five - years teaching experience in China makes her full of various teaching skills.

Active and humorous teaching atmosphere is her most obvious characteristics. Absorbing and mastering knowledge is not a difficult and boring job any more in her class. The point is, teaching is not only her career, but also her hobby, and she loves it!

The experience of travelling in Hong-Kong, Thailand and Mauritius makes her vision and mind wider. Tell you a shocking secret: she prefers to using fork than chopsticks while having meals! In a word, Murphy is a unique Chinese teacher with Japanese face and Western mind.


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